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Iscc Symposium: a new challenge for cromatography

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At Congress Centre of Riva del Garda from May 29 to- June 03, 2016 will be held the 40th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography and the 13th GCxGC Symposium with particular emphasis on MS hyphenation

by Licia Guzzella

The 40th International Symposium on Capillary Chromatography (ISCC), the most important meeting for pressure and electrodriven microcolumn separations and related techniques, will be held May 29 – June 03, 2016 in the Congress Centre of Riva del Garda (Italy). The program will include plenary lectures, keynote lectures by young scientists, prominently featured poster presentations, an instrument exhibition displaying the latest instrumental innovations, and a highly attractive social program offering opportunities to meet with world-renown scientists.
The 13th GCxGC Symposium will be organized jointly with the ISCC meeting to allow scientists to attend both meetings. The symposium will start with a short course on Sunday May 29 covering the fundamentals and applications of comprehensive GCxGC and with a plenary session on Monday May 30. Key-note lectures and posters will be included in the program of the ISCC meeting.
This year particular emphasis will be directed to combinations of capillary chromatography and 2D GC with various forms of MS from unit-mass to high resolution, and from single to hybrid analyzers.
All the tematics and applications of the two symposia are showed in Figure 1:

ISCC fig.1

Researchers in all areas relevant to the subjects of the symposia, are invited to submit abstracts. As traditional for the Riva meetings, the majority of presentations will be in poster format and the scientific committee will select contributions for oral presentation.
Exhibitors and sponsors are encouraged to participate by reserving booth space, and becoming a sponsor.
During the symposium, the award committee will select the most innovative oral/poster contributions. The awards will be presented during the closing session on the last symposium day and sponsored by Shimadzu Corporation for 500.00 Eur each for the best 10 orals/posters of the ISCC and GCxGC Symposia (7 for ISCC and 3 for GCxGC).

The Marcel Golay Plenary Lecture will be held by Synovec Robert on Multidimensional GC with Chemometrics: Distilling Information from Complex Samples, while the Opening Plenary Lecture ISCC will be presented by Sandra Pat on Advances in the analysis of protein biopharmaceuticals through application of contemporary 2D-LC. The Giorgio NotaMedal ISCC will be given by Jandera Pavel. on Dual two-dimensional LCxLC on a zwitterionic polymethacrylate capillary column in alternating HILIC / RP modes in combination with short C18 columns while GCxGC Lifetime Achievement Award by Luigi Mondello on Comprehensive 2D Gas Chromatography. A 17 – Year “Balance”.

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